Welcome to the 2004 National Explorer Conference Page

Have you seen this sign - Where is it located ?

Man this is Heavy !

Where was this picture taken ?

Are any of these yours ?? Please claim them soon !

Do You know any of these people from Ohio ? ?

Check out this Explorer Group From - Georgetown, Texas - Usa.

Thanks to the Following "Advisor" Officers for their help, on the trip to the conference.
City of Toledo Police - Detective Doug Allen
Columbus Police Division - Officer Mark Trontera
Hamilton County Sheriff - Officer Greg Rabanus
Ottawa County Sheriff's Office - Deputy Dean Hammer
Springfield Twp. Police Dept. - Brian Uhl

Georgetown, Texas - Officer Jack Lacy

I'm looking for some to take care of this area for the 2004 Explorer Conference.  

If you know someone that would like to maintain this area, please go < Here > to get more information.

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