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        This page is about how the USA Scout.org came about, and how the decision was made to start this domain - for and about Scouts.

        I started my Personal Scouting site, in early 1997 and have developed others sites for the groups I have worked with, ( 15 in all ). 

        I've started and operated Scouting Webrings  ( 5 each ) for years.  Someone else (like Webring.org, Yahoo.com, & Ringsurf.com )  has owned everything and had free access to all the infomation, on them. 

        I've been adding the different site's info, to other scouting sites's guestbooks, to other services, to free email providers, so as to get better exposer for my sites.  Through out the years, I discovered that all of these "Free Services" have been selling my email address and my info to anyone that wanted it.  I now  realize that this how they make money for operating the " Free services" they provide.  How stupid I was back then. 

       Since the fall of the "Webring.org" system to "Yahoo" last year, I've was bombarded with so much, and "All" kinds of spam ( 300 to 400 a day)  I became so upset, that I wanted to give up on the internet and shut down everything.

        Through conversations with other scouters, I found out that they were flustrated, about the same things I was, SPAM !   Especailly the SMUT stuff, something no one should have to put up with.

        Our intentions were good !   We knew what we wanted to do, to have a site for communication with our members, to provide insite into our units, to tell what we were doing, and have connection with other Scouting Groups.  Somehow this got lost in all the SPAM ! 

I have re-evualated my situation. 

The USA Scout.org was started because

Scouts in North America needed a site that links information about Scouting, in the USA and Canada.
Scouts need a Safe Site where they can get Good Scouting Infomation.
Scouts Don't Need their personal information being sold to anyone !
Scouts need Safe Scouting Webrings that will keep their infomation - Private !

We're offering information about Scouting on seperate pages, that are specific to the USA and Canada

If you know of  a Site that is especially creative and has a lot to offer scouting, Please submit the url, so we can list it on our site.  Go to Our Suggestion Page to submit it.

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon, to see how we grow and expand our site.

Yours in Scouting,

The Webmaster

A Good Old Bear, too !

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